We feel like spring has arrived! The weather has got warmer (with the odd frost to keep us on our toes!) and the first blossoms have appeared on the fruit trees. The asparagus is poking the odd tentative head above the soil. It will soon be time for the goat and the donkey to start loosing their winter coats, small tufts of hair snagged on the fence or drifting by on the breeze. There is a feeling of hope and renewal in the air, and bookings are starting to roll in for the New Year. Mandy is already collecting jars knowing that there will be so much fruit that some of it just has to be preserved or made into jams, and she started making the first cheeses of the season last weekend as milking started again. Feta, camembert and halloumi will feature on the menu again soon.
We're very much looking forward to meeting new guests on their travels!