My, how things have changed!

October 19, 2014
It pays sometimes to wind the past back a little and take a look at things at the beginning, and realise how far you have come. Day to day, you look around and take it for granted the stuff that somehow always seems to have been that way. You forget the struggles and privati...
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September 29, 2014
We feel like spring has arrived! The weather has got warmer (with the odd frost to keep us on our toes!) and the first blossoms have appeared on the fruit trees. The asparagus is poking the odd tentative head above the soil. It will soon be time for the goat and the donkey t...
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NZIPP conference in Rotorua

September 1, 2014
On a recent weekend we attended the nz Institute of professional photographers at the rotorua events centre to see an exhibition of prints, together with live judging by some of new zealand most prominent photographers. A fascinating experience to be able to sit i...
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Otago Rail Trail

May 4, 2014

Riding the tracks!

It's long been our ambition to ride the Rail Trail down in Otago, in the South Island, and recently we decided to close up shop for a week or so and take the trip. The trail is of course a disused railway line, maintained by the Department of Conservation together with Otago...
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Vegetarian delights!

October 8, 2012
Here at the Lodge we take great pride in offering a truly vegetarian choice on our evening dinner menu. Our definition of Vegetarian includes milk, cheese and eggs by the way. I know there are other definitions but that's the one we work with currently. What we're ab...
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